Room to breath

Room to breath

Sunday, January 31, 2016

New beginnings

   Life always has to throw us curve balls and it's something that I am all to used to. I spent so many years trying to find a good direction. I graduated started to go to school for marketing but life happens. I am now here 10 years later and everything has done a complete 180. In a lot of good ways :-)

  Two years ago we all started over. I started back over as a single mom at 25 with my beautiful 2 year  old daughter clueless of where to go next. Over time my now fiancé, my mother, and myself moved away and found a place we now call home. My mother is a retired navel veteran who I care for her and her many pets, and my fiancé is a loving amazing father of two handsome little boys and together we decided to try to live a simple life. We wanted to get away from the hectic schedules and fast pace of the city and moved miles away to the country. We now live on a amazing 20 Acer property I helped my mom find. My fiancé and I take care of the animals as well as the house and anything else she can't. I am a stay at home mom now but trying to go back to school for agriculture, and my fiancé works and goes to school for business. Things can be crazy sometimes with so many people in the house but at the same time it's a joy to have the space and family so close.

    Being out here I have learned so much, so many projects we have going at one time one the property it's nice to share what I have learned. We have kennels, goats, chickens, and ducks on our property and hope to add more things as times goes, and to think we only started with one hen and our dogs. I want to try to cover a lot of things I have learned over the past two years as well as share new things we will be doing on the farm. I am always open to new ideas things to try differently, we are always in a state of constant change and always trying to improve things. In the next few months I hope to let this blog grow!!!