Room to breath

Room to breath

Monday, June 13, 2016

New addition

We have been waiting for weeks for our pygmy to finally give birth. We had a day marked on the calender but that was almost a month ago.

She has been showing all the signs for over three weeks now and I have been pulling my hair out in anticipation. Goats are not like my chickens, I can't candle the belly to see how far along she is. It's a sit and wait if you don't know he got her the first time.

She had dropped her udders about 3 weeks ago and I was convinced she was about to kid. But day after day nothing. Then yesterday.... her udders doubled in size but she wasn't leaking or showing signs of labor so I left her be. I checked on her one more time before we called it a night and nothing. This morning I went out for chores and her him. She had the cuties floppy earned baby boy!! All dry and clean so she must have had him in the middle of the night. She was big and did think she had two in there especially since he is so small buy mommy seems to be doing great!!

More updates coming soon!!!