Room to breath

Room to breath

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Pictures of our goats :)

Once I had one I fell in love!!

Goat barn extention

So on the farm we have our two does that are now due any day. We had plans to put up a new separate in closure for the girls but with the weather and one thing after another we were delayed. Luckily I was able to get the help from my fiance and we are on our way to making the new section and  I am in hopes it won't take to long but at least with the basic frame up we are on a good start. I will be sure to post more pictures when we are done. I am in hopes the girls pen will be about a 8x14 and there pasture of corse but what idea I have in my head and the end product are usually close but different in some way so we will see what happens!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

This year's projects 2016

Things have been very crazy the past few weeks. Between battling the continuous changing weather I ended up in the hospital sick for a few days. It set me back some but I still have so much to work on before summer is creeping around the corner.

Aside from all the chicken stuff we have planned, the new coop, a new garden this year, and fixing the goat area. I have my hands full to say the least. But the key thing is to figure out what is our priorities and what can wait. To be honest everything is all falling on the same time line. But I think putting our heads together we can figure out the best plan to have a successful year.

On my list for this summer of what I need completed are

Gardening boxes
New coop (big big job)
Redesign horse and goat area
Prepare for kids this spring
Make room for new birds
Excavate kennels
Keeping fingers crossed on starting our underground green house
As well as a few other small jobs!!!

Most of the supply I have been collecting over the past few months. Some I am still saving for little by little. But my goal is that all the waiting the past two years will start to pay off this year. I hope :-)

More projects more pictures to come. Any questions or comments feel free to ask. HAPPY SPRING!!