Room to breath

Room to breath

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Merphys law on the farm

Around this time of year I have learned that I should expect everything to go wrong. Water building up where you don't want it. The water lines freezing and unfreezing because of crazy weather changes. And mud so much mud. I believe that when working on a farm you need to expect everything to go wrong and do your best to be prepared for anything that could happen. Not being prepared can cause you to not only fall behind but in some cases can become very expensive fixes. Trust me on that one!!

Recently we have run into some problems ourselves and they will cause some issues and major rethinking on the property. 

The barn... We have an old tractor barn we turned into a horse barn which I then turned into a horse/goat barn 😊. I have been making plans to dig out the horses side and to lay down gravel and sand to help with water collection areas on the horses side. Great plan 👍. Until a section of the roof collapsed leaving me with only one bay ... We had the wood everything for me to build up the barn and fix it. Now I weigh two options. The wood that fell is to damaged to put back up so either way the roof would have to be replaced. So the only other option if I don't fix that section would be to fix it to leave the one bay and just build a smaller barn/shed for the girls. Either way in the end it will cost more than originally expected. It's just about figuring out what the best option will be in the end. I will post pictures once we decide.

In my eyes I try to look at everything as "it happens for a reason". Maybe the goats and the horse together would have turned out bad, so it's life's way of pushing me into a different direction, even it if ends up being a little more work. Even the worst catastrophes can bring to light a problem that you didn't even think of. I have said it before water collection is our biggest problem, so it's just a matter of creating drainage fields to help keep the property cleaner and less muddy. 

You can't think of everything but if it could happen expect that it might and try to fix it before the problem ever happens. Chickens hatching early, goats kidding early,
animal dies, what ever the issue try to think of a before hand "what would you do?"

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